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To recognize the victims of crime, the Ontario Government has created the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. All too often the victims of crime go without being supported or acknowledged.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (the Board) may help a victim of crime through hearing their case and where appropriate provide some funding for compensation, therapy, treatment and costs.

Knowing your legal rights when applying with all pertinent records is essential to having a proper hearing by the Board. Medical reports, work reports and other documents are of great use to the Board in deciding how to deal fairly with a victim of crime.

It is important to make an application to the Board within one year from the date the crime occurred. If you do not do so there may be ways to have that time extended and you should consult a lawyer.

Victims under the age of l8 are also eligible but must have a parent, legal guardian or other responsible adult assist them.

It is important for compensation purposes to keep all original receipts for expenses due to the crime and the application. The Board cannot compensate you for loss or damage to personal items, or court expenses. The Board can compensate you for travelling for purposes of receiving treatment. The maximum award is $25,000. Up to $5,000 can be awarded for therapeutic expenses. There are some restrictions on what the Board can do here and we would recommend that you consult a lawyer.

Other claims could include dental expenses with a prosthesis, compensation for death, compensation for the family of a victim who has become disabled, funeral expenses, and legal expenses of applying. Again there are restrictions on how much money the Board can award for each of these items and again it is suggested that you get legal advice.

The Board will hold a hearing in a number of ways and it may be held in private with the victim present or done on the basis of documents on the application in writing.

The Board will make a decision and then forward a copy of its reasons to the victim (and if successful will begin the compensation process).

Whenever someone is injured, they have the right to be fairly compensated by the responsible party. In addition to Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, the victim should seek the advice of a lawyer to determine whether legal action against the responsible person would be possible.


The foregoing articles are meant for informational purposes only and are not to be taken as legal advice. In the case of any questions, issues or needs arising from the above please contact us at Admin@deacontaws.com, Phone: (705)526-3791 or Fax: (705)526-2688



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